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This page is for Rosa alone. The blessing of saintess in picture is not included.
Check The blessing of saintess here: http://www.yougudm.com/Limited_Edition/194.html
Designer: Mr. Jing
Basic price:
Full-set ($459) includes: Blank doll(B4-06 body) $315, Face-up 45$, Wig(GW4-09), Outfit(C4-09 )$68, Eyes(14mm random).
Body type: 
Default body is B4-06.
You can choose normal human body B4-02, the blank doll is $249, full-set is $399.
Other information:
Full-set does not include body blushing and wing's blushing. Body blushing 35$ and wing's blushing $25 can be purchased separately.
Resin and skin color option:
The doll in promotion picture is in white resin.
Skin color: white, pink, normal and tan are available. Tan is translucent resin default, please add $80.
By different computer display, the pictures and objects will be slightly different, please make the object as the standard.

Body Size:
height(include head) 43.5cm
height(without head) 38cm
head circumference 16cm
neck circumference 6cm
should length  6.4cm
arm length 13cm
bust size 15.7cm
waistline 12.8cm
hipline 17.9cm
leg length 23.5cm
thigh circumference 11cm
calf circumference  7.2cm
feet length 5.5cm
foot breadth 1.6cm
Length of wings: 32cm
eye size 14mm